How to Reject the Opinion of an Employee Without Hurting The Feelings

As a leader, you are authorized to make decisions. But not everyone will agree with you.

When holding a meeting, there may be employees who have different opinions. You will certainly allow them to express their thoughts.

However, after you hear the opinion, you think their idea is not suitable for your case. How can you refute the opinion so that employees do not feel hurt? You must be able to maintain an attitude so that employees don’t feel hurt.

Well, here are some ways to express disapproval of employees that you should practice in your work environment.

Listen Until It’s Done

You should be happy if employees want to be active in discussions rather than just being passive and accepting all decisions without giving any input.

For this reason, let the employees submit their opinions to the end. Don’t cut off the conversation and appreciate the courage in conveying the contents of his mind.

Don’t Attack Personally

Don’t you disagree just because there are personal problems with employees?

If employees are already hurt, they will lose motivation to work. As a result, the performance will decrease. If your employees experience a decrease in performance, don’t worry, you can use the services of Team Building from Hidden Door. Hidden Door can help build communication between superiors and team members well.

Choose polite words

You might not mean to hurt your employees. However, if the choice of words is not right, then the employee can also be offended.

For that, think of polite but firm words when you want to refute the opinions. So there are no personal problems and misunderstandings that arise after the meeting.

Find Positive Things in The Opinion

Employee usually has a good idea and want the company to be able to implement the idea for the common good.

For that, try to find the part that you like from all of the opinions. Then, explain that you do not agree with this section, but in other parts, you agree.

After that, you can develop ideas from these employees and also combine it with the ideas you have.

Well, those are some ways to reject an employee’s opinion without hurting their feelings. Hopefully, this can be applied while exchanging ideas with employees.