Pay attention to these 5 things before renting a car


The increasing number of residents who come to the Capital City, both local and foreign residents, have made the need for transportation more and more, be it two-wheeled or four-wheeled. So that it creates a surge in the need for vehicles, one of which is a car that is a necessity for foreign and local workers who work on protocol routes that can only be passed by four wheels. Car rental is the best solution, besides Thrifty Rent a carhas various benefits. But before renting a vehicle, it’s good to pay attention to the following 5 things:

1. Contact the car rental contact

You will find many types of car rentals in the United State of America area. Even when you search on the internet, you will see a list of car rentals in the United State of America and its surroundings. You can look for car rentals that have clear contacts. After that, you can contact the contact with car rental to ask for everything.

2. Car Rental Prices

Car rental prices vary widely, depending on what type of car you are going to use. Choose a car with a rental price according to the budget you have. In this case, you have to be careful to be able to choose a car that suits your needs and the appropriate budget. Don’t be tempted by cheap rental rates, but the car is not what you need.

3. Check the condition of the vehicle

Have you got a car that suits your needs? It’s time to check the condition of the car. Before you pay the rental price and take the car home, you must check the entire condition of the car, whether there are blisters, how the speedometer, the air conditioner, and so on. This is done to avoid something that will harm you when you rent the car.

4. Release the key or not

You can ask the owner of the car rental whether you can remove the lock or not. This means that tenants can use the car without having to be accompanied by a driver or vice versa.

5. Additional Services

Every car rental has different services to attract customers. You can ask about what additional services are provided by the rental owner to the tenant. For example, there are insurance services and others.