Several Types of Home Door Locks Which Guaranteed Safe

Aside from being in and out access, the door lock is also a help to secure the house. With the door lock, the house will be well protected because only the homeowner holds the key. But in some cases, a house can be broken into by a stranger because the door lock is easily damaged. If this happened to you, you could ask help from Stronghold Locksmiths. Choosing a house key must be selective. here are some secure door locks to try:

1. Handle set

This type of lock has a handle on the external side and one of the rotary knobs on the inner side. This rotary knob is what serves to lock the door. Handleset also has an attractive design that is very supportive of the exterior appearance of the house. Typically, handle set type house door locks are equipped with deadbolt features as extra security.

2. Deadbolt

Deadbolt actually acts as an additional security. Its function is to prevent strangers from entering the house. Its location was placed separately with a door handle. This type of key has two-cylinder designs, single and double cylinders.

3. Mortise

Unique is a word that describes mortise. Having the outer and inner plates with different designs becomes the main attraction for this type of key. On the outside, the mortise is equipped with a key. This key is used by pressing the lever above the door handle. While on the inside, there is a knob that is rotated to lock the automatic door.

4. Knob

Knob type door locks are already popular. With a simple look, the knob has a cylindrical or single knob design. Locking knob works on the inside of the handle.

5. Hand Lever

Just like the key type knob, the key type hand lever has a display that is no less simple. The difference is that the hand lever is equipped with a handle lever on one side and a twist button on the other side. For those of you who need extra security but simple at the same time, the hand lever key is perfect for you.

6. Electronics

In this increasingly sophisticated era, even the door locks of the house emit electronic variations. As the name implies, electronic key types do not require keys because they use a card or keypad as an automatic lock. The electronic lock is perfect for those of you who want to keep your home safe but practical.

Those are some types of door locks that you can use to protect your home from strangers. You can buy it according to your budget and needs.