Tips for Making Car Durable

The car is one of the transportation chosen by many people. Unlike a motorcycle, this four-wheeled vehicle will protect you from various weather conditions. In addition, the car can also carry four to eight passengers. Along with the development of the times, variations in cars increasingly diverse. Many manufacturers produce cars with more sophisticated and modern specifications, such as Land Rover. The price is quite high to make some people think twice about buying it. But don’t worry, Nene Overland offers Land Rover Defender used cars sale at affordable prices.

To care for this type of car, consider the following tips:

1. Fuel

In caring for a car, you must choose the right fuel according to the octane value specified by the factory. The higher the octane value, the slower the burning fuel oil. This is important so that your car’s engine does not leave any residual combustion that can interfere with its performance.

2. Change the Car Oil on Time

Oil functions to reduce friction in the engine. By changing the oil, you will maintain the oil performance. If the engine lacksof oil, the oil filter would be clogged so that it pollutes the engine. Oil shortages also have the potential to damage a car’s engine permanently. In addition to engine oil, you also have to change oil filters routinely.

3. Fill the Radiator Water with Radiator Liquid

Radiator is one of the most important components in a car. The function itself is as a coolant of the engine temperature. Check the radiator as often as possible, do not let your radiator lack of water because it can damage the engine of the car.

4. Check important car fluids

The car has several fluids to support engine performance. Such as battery water, brake fluid, wiper water, power steering oil, axle oil, and transmission oil. Check regularly and make sure that the fluids can work properly and not damage the engine.

5. Check the Timing Belt, Spark Plugs, Lights, and Signal

Checking all four components is needed to prevent damage. If a malfunction occurs, there will be signs that inform. Replace the timing belt, spark plugs, lights, and signals as recommended by the workshop.

6. Heat the Engine and Check the Completeness

The final step for taking care of a car is to heat the engine in the morning regularly. Don’t forget to check the condition of the tires and the completeness of the car. This is done to ensure the car is in good condition and does not need to be repaired.

That’s the six ways to take care of the car, so it lasts for a long time. Do it regularly so that the durability and quality of the car is maintained