Various Advantages And Features Of Payroll Outsourcing Services

No organisation can function without payroll processing but it’s not a core activity for businesses. HR team has to do a lot of work if they have to handle payroll in-house. They need to take care of leave and attendance management, onboarding, vendors, timely processing of payroll, administration of benefits and a whole range of other administrative tasks. If you are looking for payroll services in India then please see TopSource Worldwide for the best of the best!

Payroll processing is a mundane task and it’s complicated and time-consuming. Also, labour laws and regulations are always changing which makes it challenging for any business to stay abreast with the latest changes. This is why many companies outsource payroll processing services to make their in-house team more productive and focused on their core business.

The payroll outsourcing company makes sure that all the employees are always paid accurately and on time. They also take care of all the administrative tasks. These services provide end-to-end payroll management services which help in simplifying payroll. They help businesses in automating payroll, stay compliant with the latest regulations and make sure employees are happy through timely and accurate payrolls.

This article is focused on discussing the effects and features of outsourcing payroll and how it allows businesses to keep their focus on core HR functions.

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Payroll Outsourcing Services – Features

There is no denying that payroll is an immensely important function. If a company wants to retain its employees and keep them happy, accuracy in payroll as well as HR management is something that cannot be ignored.

When you outsource payroll management to an outsourcing company, you will be able to quickly manage the relevant HR, administration, legal, or recruitment process and will have time to keep your employees focused on growing your business. Here’s a list of some of the major features of outsourcing payroll services:

Complete solution

It’s not easy to manage payroll operations. This is why third-party providers offer a wide range of scalable innovative solutions to meet the payroll management needs of organisations with better effectiveness and efficiency.

Complete end-to-end solutions offered by these companies in India include verification of investment proof, payroll processing, analytics and reporting, data collation, project/coordination management, and tax filings, among others.


Businesses are able to enhance employee experience with the help of self-service modules. With the help of these modules, all employees can get access to relevant information at any time.

Third-party payroll outsourcing companies provide a wide range of self-service modules to employees. These models are designed to provide tiered access and employees can update their investment declarations, download their payslips, get information on their paid time off, payroll data, choose their tax regime, review their income tax computation and also raise relevant queries.

Another advantage of these modules is that they provide a flexible compensation structure to employees and employees also have the ability to make changes to predefined components. Also, this facility is completely secure and employees get access to only their own records.

These third-party services also make sure that all the employees get paid on time and accurately and meet all the laws and regulations. Also, employees are able to get access to their own information at any time and from anywhere.

Management of leave and attendance

The leave management process is also automated by these outsourcing services. A comprehensive leave management solution is provided that allows businesses to synchronise holidays, shift timings, leaves as well as attendance with payroll.

With the help of an outsourced solution, you will be able to track and manage the attendance and leaves of your employees with accuracy and utmost precision and without the need to go through additional administrative processes.

PEO/EOR companies

These companies also offer employer-of-record services. The service allows hassle-free employee management from start to end. In simple terms, it means that these companies handle everything from officially employing a person, onboarding, FX management, reporting, international money movement as well as off-boarding.

Compliance/Statutory filing

Every business needs to remain compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations and these outsourcing companies can help businesses remain compliant. They take care of all the compliance needs such as professional tax, labour welfare fund, ESIC, provident fund and income tax.