What Are The Best And The Most Popular Flowers in India?

Flowers are works of art! Using them on any occasion is a great way to add color, texture, and vibrancy to your day. The combination of flowers and greens can create floral designs that will add to the romance of your celebration. Humanity is practically humble about what flowers do for them, which makes life so much easier. With the right combination of best-selling bouquets and the right words to express your opinion or your heart, you will be on your way with your special one.


Below are the best-selling flowers that you can send to your loved ones. When you are wishing to send flowers to Noida, keep these trends in mind for 2021.




True love, as the name suggests, is the true meaning of the tulip flower. All colors, but mostly red, are chosen when trying to express your feelings to a loved one with a light personality. If roses are there for everyone and you’re always out of the box, tulips are your thing.


Yellow Carnation


The charming carnation has a light fragrance and elegance. Apart from being one of the most common flowers, carnations are a popular choice when it comes to gifting bouquets. Yellow carnations are not meant to express your love for someone, but rather to express feelings of affection, sadness, and a request for forgiveness.


Baby Breath


Besides being commercially available for herbal medicine, cooking, flowers, and wedding decorations, gypsophila or babu breath is now also used for bridal makeup. While flowers come in a variety of colors – pink, blue, peach, lavender, and light yellow, it is better known as white being the most common. Over the years, florists have placed sprigs of this delicate and timeless Flower in almost every bouquet and vase arrangement they make.




Jasmine flowers have a culture or history that is very different from other types of flowers. Its romantic flower blooms mainly at night and combines its meaning with sensuality, simplicity, love, and purity at the same time.


Birds of Paradise


As a classic tropical flower, the bird of paradise represents joy and heaven on earth. These flowers are truly optimistic and happy flowers that come with royalty and success. You can give this bouquet as a gift to greet someone, to show respect or to remind them of a good memory.




The red rose, the magical symbol of love, is of essence to everyone. They make one drop a heartbeat, especially when there are a lot of bouquets of 100 and 1000 roses. Yellow roses for friendship, white roses for peace are also your choice, which you can find easily on any online platform. If it’s a special occasion like Diwali, you can pair this with mouth-watering sweets such as Barfi, Laddoo, etc. There are many other delicious food items you must try.


Gardenia (jasmine nose)


Gardenia was born in the tropical regions of South Asia, Australia, and Africa and belongs to the coffee family. This flower has a unique and strong scent which is strongest when it rains.