Android Apps For Web Designers

If you think that by being a web designer, you cannot use Android devices and Android applications in your profession then you need to think again. Believe it or not, there are so many Android applications which expanded the market of Android to a great extent. Today, Android’s Market has apps for almost all the purposes, even for web designing. Let’s have a look on 6 apps that are available for Android devices that would help the web designers.

For connecting to web serverImagine, if as a web designer or administrator you can access web server through FTP and upload and update files of websites. Well, there is no need for you to imagine stuff like this because Google Play already has AndFTP, an Android app development, connecting you through FTP to your web server where you can view, upload and update files from any location. You can even edit your contents without the need of PC. The app supports SFTP, FTP and FTPS connections.

For editing scriptsIf you want to edit HTML, CSS and PHP files on an Android device, the recommended app is SliverEdit. Using this tool you can edit HTML, CSS and PHP files and send them to your mail account. This Android app is still under construction as developers keep on fixing issues with improving performance of Android OS.

For editing imagesImage editing is a major task while designing a website or updating its contents. If you want to do it on your Android powered tablet or phone, you can download Adobe Photoshop Express (free) or Adobe Photoshop Touch (paid). Adobe Photoshop Express is a cool tool, with limited functions that allow you rotate, crop, filter and saturate images. But for advanced tasks, you can use Adobe Photoshop Touch (paid).

For viewing Web SourceIn many cases, you need to view web sources. For this purpose you can download View Web Source that lets you see the web source of a web page in a text file format. You can edit the file and send the code to your mail account.

For Google AnalyticsIf you have a website, you will be aware of the tool Google Analytics. Now you can analyze the performance of your website even on your Android devices. The app is known as Mobile GA that makes use of the API extension of Google Analytics to transfer site data, ensuring security and privacy in the process.

For Cloud storageThese days, cloud storage is becoming popular among web developers too. Dropbox is a popular cloud storage app for Android. You can use it to store all your files in cloud and you can later access these file across devices like other smartphone, PC or laptop, without the need of synchronization.

These are some examples of Android applications for web designers. Most professional Android mobile developers can work on similar sorts of apps.